Podcast “Being A Translator” Episode 7: Peralatan Kerja Penerjemah

Episode 7: Peralatan Kerja Penerjemah

Episode ketujuh Being A Translator ini membahas tentang peralatan kerja dasar bagi penerjemah. Bagi yang baru memulai bekerja sebagai penerjemah lepas, tidak semua peralatan yang saya sebutkan di episode ini wajib dimiliki. Semua tergantung pada sasaran pasar yang dituju (domestik atau internasional), sifat pekerjaan (paruh waktu atau purnawaktu), dan tentu saja dana yang dimiliki. Ingat, tidak semua yang saya sebutkan wajib kalian miliki. Semua dapat disesuaikan dengan kemampuan dan kebutuhan kalian.

Being A Translator episode seven discusses basic tools for translators to support their work flow and manage projects. Not all of these are must-have tools. You can obtain the basic ones, depending on your needs and budget. Your needs will also vary based on your target market, i.e. local or international, and whether you work part-time or full-time.

Hal-hal yang saya sebutkan di episode ini:

Things mentioned in this episode:

Selamat mendengarkan, ya. Jangan lupa beri ulasan dan bagikan agar lebih banyak orang bisa mendengarkan dan memanfaatkan informasinya 🙂

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Desi is an HPI-certified English to Indonesian translator and conference interpreter. She’s into books, writing, movies, and learning foreign languages. Desi manages a blog and podcast where she writes and shares about her experience as a linguist as well as tips and tricks on productivity and freelancing. Desi is a member of Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI) and Association of Indonesian Conference Interpreters (AICI). Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Questions or comments? Send email to hello@desimandarini.com.


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