I’m Back!

I’ve been thinking about refreshing this website since last month early this year. Hm, I wish I had done it sooner. It took me only half an hour to get it up and running. I’ve been putting it aside for months, and haven’t written anything since 2016 (!).

Once I started it, it was easily done and voila! Now I can focus on sharing my experiences again (well, it’s basically “curhat” :>). I guess I dreaded one thing only: to start. I was worried it would be complicated. I was worried it would take too much time, and I didn’t know where to start. Then last Saturday I sat down with my pen and journal, and started breaking down this dreaded task into smaller ones. I came up with 5 items on my list and set a reminder to start the following week.

Now here I am! My website is rejuvenated (chuckle :p) and I’ve ticked off all items on my to-do list, under a big header “Start My Professional Website”, haha!

So, lesson learned: don’t hesitate to start, and always start small. Start from the smallest task, and once you accomplish it, you will feel motivated to get to the bigger tasks.


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