Q: What do you do? Are you a translator, interpreter or a blogger?

A: All of those! I’m a certified English – Indonesian translator and a conference interpreter. I blog because I like sharing knowledge about what I do and other things related to freelancing and productivity. I also produce a podcast to share my expertise to those who are interested or work in the language industry or aspire to be a linguist. My blog and podcast cover everything about my experience as a linguist and productive freelancing.

Q: Can I book your service as a translator or interpreter?

A: Absolutely! Just send an email to hello@desimandarini.com or click here for any inquiries or quotes for my language services.

Q: What other language services do you offer?

A: I provide editing and proofreading of Indonesian texts, transcription of English and Indonesian audio files, and localization of apps and websites. I occasionally receive requests to be a notetaker in meetings and voice over talent.

Q: What’s your rate for the above-mentioned language services?

A: For translation, editing, and proofreading, it depends on the subject matter, word count, and difficulty of the texts. For interpretation, my rate is defined by the number of hours that I am booked for an assignment. Contact me to get quotation for any of your language service needs.

Q: What are your specializations?

A: I mostly translate texts pertaining technology, fisheries, human resources, aviation security, and education. Send me an email to see my updated CV and portfolio.

Q: Do you translate in other language combinations besides English – Indonesian?

A: Yes. I also translate general Balinese texts into English and vice versa.

Q: Do you have a team of linguists or own a translation agency?

A: No. I am a freelancer and I don’t own an agency. I have several colleagues that I can refer you to and work together with as a team if you need more than one linguists to work on your potential translation projects.

Q: Can I trust you to to work on confidential materials?

A: Yes! I’ve worked with several global clients to translate and edit their highly confidential content and I sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for confidentiality purposes.